Status: We're in super beta beta!
Living Room. Drivers Wanted.

Feel the thrill as you move slowly around the floor. Behold the small talk you may have with the resident. Dare to withstand the shock of the one bad wheel that makes turning kinda difficult. Wait! As the video and audio update several seconds too late to make meaningful communication possible. Sign! The guestbook after you survive driving the bot!

Current Driver: No Driver

Pilot's Guestbook

Driver Date Comment
Driver45 9-22-2014 10:00pm I crashed into the wall a lot of times! You really can't tell what the h3ll is going on.
Driver99 9-12-2014 6:30pm This guy has literally nothing interesting to say about anything. I really enjoyed the small talk!
Driver3 9-9-2014 1:30pm I should have been doing my homework!!!